Genomes, Polymorphism and Minisatellites

with a focus on Molecular Epidemiology using Tandem Repeats


GPMS Projects

Institut de Biologie Intégrative de la Cellule Université Paris-Sud


  • ‘google scholar’
  • Clustal at EBI
  • Sequence files conversion at EBI
  • ‘Sequence Manipulation Suite’
  • Medline
  • whole bibCNRS
  • bibCNRS pubmed
  • Bacterial genomes at NCBI
  • Genomes OnLine Database
  • Tandem Repeats Finder
  • Sequence-based genotyping databases

  • MLVA in Bordeaux, France
  • MLVA in Bilthoven, the Netherlands
  • MLVA in Paris, France
  • MLVA for E. faecium in Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • SITVITWEB: MLVA and spoligotyping for M. tuberculosis in La Guadeloupe, France
  • MLVA and spoligotyping for M. tuberculosis in CDC, Atlanta, USA
  • MIRU-VNTRplus for M. tuberculosis in Münster, Germany
  • MLST in London, the UK
  • pubMLST in Oxford, the UK