PCR conditions (AT):
AT = Annealing Temperature
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Polymorphism index:

·       Polymorphism Information Index (PIC) or Nei's diversity index is calculated as 1 – Σ (allele frequency)2 based upon the unique genotypes.

·             Allelic diversity (h) = 1 – [n/(n-1)]  Σi  xi 2 where xi is the frequency of the ith allele at the locus and n the number of isolates 

(Appl Environ Microbiol 1986 May;51(5):873-84)
Copy number range:
Minimal-Maximal observed copy numbers
Estimation mode:
1= low resolution electrophoresis: agarose gel
2= acrylamide gel
3= high resolution (capillary electrophoresis…)
4= sequencing